Mr & Mrs Beckett - Walton-on-Thames

Loft conversion for Mr & Mrs Beckett

How has the loft conversion changed your family's lives?

Our loft has dramatically changed our house and lives. We now have everything we need in terms of bedroom space. Converting our loft has meant that both of our Sons each have their own double bedroom and we have our own fantastic space with en-suite and walk-in wardrobe - Perfect !

At what stage of the project were you most pleased?

The whole process was a real pleasure, we still joke that our only disappointment is that we won't get to do it again. Personally I really enjoyed going up into the loft on a regular basis to see the work taking place as the project evolved.

What were you most worried about prior to the project commencing?

I think my main concern (like with many I am sure) was about hidden or unexpected costs coming up during the project. This was not the case at all. In fact a lot of the extra changes that we made during the build didn't actually attract any extra charges at all. The mess was another concern and this was minimised throughout the entire project.

Were the timescales provided met and within your expectations?

Absolutely, the whole build was completed exactly as planned. We couldn't fault the build in any way.

Loft Conversion Bathroom

Mr & Mrs Beckett

Loft Conversion Walton-on-Thames

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