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Mr & Mrs Adby

Esher, Surrey

Rear Dormer

How has the loft conversion changed your family's lives?

The loft gives us so much more space and provides us with enough room to have guests and their families to stay with use which was especially useful over Christmas. Whilst we have not used the bedroom as our master bedroom, we make use of the additional wardrobe space and shower daily. The play den with it's sloped ceilings and hiding place has been a revelation for the kids! It's amazing how much extra m2 area you can have for what is a relatively small cost. The office room has a pleasant view as you're up so high on the 2nd floor.

At what stage of the project were you most pleased?

We really enjoyed the early stages and close liaison with the site manager. He was excellent at keeping us informed and together we make several ad hoc decisions which ultimately provided us with the best use of space. It was amazing to see how much work could be done in such a short period of time. It was also exciting to get the finishes in to really make it homely.

What were you most worried about prior to the project commencing?

The Directors of Altitude lofts were relatively young so did have reservations about their experience - How wrong were we. They are exemplary professionals with lots of relevant experience who surround themselves with equally talented supervisors and operatives so our concerns were quickly dissolved.

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Were the timescales provided met and within your expectations?

Yes, in fact they exceeded our expectations.

Did Altitude Lofts stick to the quote provided prior to the works starting?


How would you rate Altitude Lofts?

9/10. We would absolutely recommend using Altitude Lofts.

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We both work in construction and were blown away by Altitude Loft's attitude, professionalism and customer focus.

"The whole process was smooth and easy with minimal disruption and the quality of the operatives and their workmanship was second to none. We are so glad we decided to proceed with the loft conversation and glad we found the right company to do it. It has improved our life style and significantly increased the value of our property. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed."

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