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Mr & Mrs Beibl

Maidenhead, Berkshire

L-Shape Dormer

How has the loft conversion changed your family's lives?

Made life more positive adding a more spacious and relaxing environment to our home.

At what stage of the project were you most pleased?

The completion was a cool part, especially when windows went in.

What were you most worried about prior to the project commencing?

Being on budget, creating our vision and ensuring a quality build.

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Were the timescales provided met and within your expectations?

Yes mainly.

Did Altitude Lofts stick to the quote provided prior to the works starting?


How would you rate Altitude Lofts?


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Altitude Lofts have been nothing but professional, responsive and adaptable to our needs.

"From the first initial conversation to the last completed step, Altitude Lofts have been nothing but professional, responsive and adaptable to our needs. Chiara and Billy were outstanding in explaining the process as this has been our first project. Chris, our site manager was very friendly and was able to act fast to our changing needs. The whole process was very well orchestrated from starting the process, to define the details and executing.

Altitude Lofts arranged a meeting to talk through all possible ideas at the start, but we were able to make last-minute changes while the project was going on which really worked well for us and made our white dream loft come true.

They were very clear about the main overall costs, but as we wanted to have additional things added like sockets or lights, the cost increased, but they communicated the costs beforehand.

We're super satisfied with the end result.

We went over the 6-8 weeks timeframe, but that also had to do with us wanting to do some work ourselves and they gave us enough time to complete that.

Thank you to Altitude Lofts for making our project come alive."

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