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Mr & Mrs Nicholls

Hersham, Surrey

Rear Dormer

How has the loft conversion changed your family's lives?

It’s been amazing, transformational!

At what stage of the project were you most pleased?

The finished article.

What were you most worried about prior to the project commencing?

That it would go over budget, which it didn't!

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Were the timescales provided met and within your expectations?


Did Altitude Lofts stick to the quote provided prior to the works starting?


How would you rate Altitude Lofts?


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We are absolutely delighted with our loft, it is beyond anything we expected and really is the perfect space.

"The Altitude team were fantastic, polite, clean, quiet and so fast! Particularly as the work was happening during the second lockdown and whilst I was homeschooling. I highly recommend Altitude, on time, clean, reliable and within budget!"

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